Diet Pepsi celebrates Valentine’s Day with a new U.S. ad, titled “Come On,” created by TBWA/Chiat/Day and starring Sofia Vergara. In the spot the actress is sitting in a café and seems to be flirting with a handsome guy at the next table—as it turns out, she is snapping her eyes not at him, but at a can of Diet Coke, which is behind the guy. The humorous ad, which was launched ahead of the holiday, is a new spot in the series of ads within the “Love Every Sip” campaign, announced in late 2012.

Diet Pepsi is preparing a new advertising campaign, which is set to launch in early 2013 under the “Love Every Sip” tagline in the US. In addition, the brand has also quietly started to use a new artificial sweetener, ace-K (acesulfame potassium), to help the taste remain fresh and sweet for a longer time.

Heineken demonstrates how the beer can improve the settings. The iconic beer brand, which impressed the audience with its hilarious ad films ‘The Entrance’ and ‘The Date,’ developed by Wieden & Kennedy, now extends its Heineken Legend storyline with a 1:30 spot, created by TBWA/Neboko Amsterdam. In the new spot, in which one may find some similarities with Stella Artois’ ‘Apartomatic’ advert, the interiors of a dirty, gloomy, almost empty and bar is changed dramatically as Heineken beer is poured into a glass.

With less than a week left before Super Bowl XLVI, which is both a major sport competition and an important advertising event, brands are bringing forth their new commercials or just teasers to hint on what the public will see in the breaks of the big game. Recently, we wrote about some of the auto adverts, which will be aired during the match on February 5 (since that time a bunch of new auto spots—Audi’s vampire story and Honda‘s ad featuring Matthew Broderick to name a few—have been revealed), and about Coca-Cola’s hilarious contribution, the Coke Polar Bowl interactive campaign. But what about Coke’s major rival, Pepsi? As it turns out, it also has something to show during the game—the brand created two ads, for Pepsi and Pepsi MAX, which will air this Sunday.