Vodafone has revealed the refreshed visual identity, “Power of Red,” that encompasses energy and the desire to move forward. The new logo developed by The Brand Union comes as an “enhanced” version of the branded sign introduced back in 1997. The creative team added a red rhombus shape emerging from the Vodafone’s much-recognizable inverted comma to render its “confident energy and progression.

Mr. Simon Bolton, a silver-haired noble English gentleman, who dedicated a few decades of his life to the advertising industry, met with us on a chilly Tuesday morning earlier this week to talk about TBU’s business plans in Moscow, to discuss opportunities and threats from the latest Publicis-Omnicom merger for WPP, and to share his vision of a sustainable brand.

This month sees the two biggest Russian financial companies — VTB Group and BinBank — to launch their new retail banking brands on the local market. While VTB’s Leto Bank is seen as a future leader of the mass retail lending with a developed chain of offices, Elixir has recently started operating in Moscow and St Petersburg as a virtual financial branch issuing credit cards for individuals online.