Collaborations between sport apparel brands and fashion houses are nothing new, but each time products of this kind arrive, they generate a lot of buzz and attract thousands of consumers from both ‘camps’. The new product in this niche was created by Kenzo and Vans—the shoe brand and fashion house teamed up to launch a line of chick and vibrant sneakers, which will be unveiled step by step in late spring and in summer.

American footwear brand Vans has drawn inspiration from its rich heritage for the new Vans Vault spring collection. The new range is not wholly dedicated to old looks, but still is heavily influenced by traditional styles. Unlike another American-based apparel brand Levi’s, which has built a number of its collections on the old and iconic ranges (in late 2011, the brand even launched a virtual hub dedicated to vintage clothing), Vans is adding modern elements to the new line as well.