Walkers has kicked off a new promotion dubbed ‘What’s That Flavour?’ and dedicated to the launch of three new flavours, inspired by much-loved British ingredients and recipes. The brand encourages the British consumers to try and guess the flavours for a chance to be entered into a draw in case they manage to identify each of the three new names correctly (so far they are Mystery Flavour A, B or C), and walk away with £50,000.

Each year in June, the Côte d’Azur becomes the place with an overwhelming concentration of ‘lions’ (not animals, but beastly amazing advertising pieces) thanks to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. This year’s event, which was taking place June 19–25, saw “thought-leaders and experts in all forms of communications and creative thinking come together to inspire, debate and entertain” and revealed the best advertising projects from all around the globe.

PepsiCo, one of the biggest global companies committed to drive innovation and support talents, is expanding its program PepsiCo10, launched last summer in the U.S., to Europe. The initiative is aimed at discovering emerging and innovative small media and technology companies, which can introduce small, but very positive changes to the industry working side by side with PepsiCo experts developing projects for the Pepsi-Cola, Walkers Snacks, Tropicana and Quaker brands.

A city as a source of the ‘creative spark’. Urban streets as basis for bold and massive campaigns. For many decades, smaller towns and megalopolises have been inspiring advertising agencies behind multiple marketing projects, which on the one hand are targeted at promoting brands and, on the other hand, encourage consumers to compare different cities, unveil creativity and strong dedication to sport, cinema and quests, or even bring rural accents to urban settings. We at Popsop have reviewed global brands’ ad activity during 2010 and first two months of 2011 to see how they’ve been embedding city into their promotions. Now, we are presenting our 3-part study dedicated to the subject. The first section of this review will highlight competitions, cross-city studies, urban sport-related promotions, which have been taking place within big cities around the globe and in a way were dedicated to them.

Recently Walkers created a huge promotional campaign dedicated to crisps for hamburgers, and now the snack brand is kicking off another large-scale project to find the world’s favourite flavour of crisp. The total prize fund of the new campaign is £200,000 — Walkers will give out £1,000 on a weekly basis and a grand prize of £10,000 for each flavour’s top-voted entry.