Selling apparel is not enough to make people look stylish and stunning—showing how to wear footwear and clothing items is essential for any apparel brand, which cares about their consumers. The best way to deliver great style solutions is to display lookbooks, created by the brand’s fans. Amazon-owned retailer Zappos has collaborated with new social fashion site Chicisimo to launch a microsite, where fashionistas may post their looks, vote for the coolest ones and then purchase them from the retailer’s online store. The project will be launched soon, says the official page of the initiative. is one of the companies, which recognize that aspiring creative minds can be a powerful force for the business, and so it does its best to support new talents. The online retailer kicked off a new initiative called Emerging Designer Program to help young designers get their lines selling at the major retailer’s store. The same idea lies behind the contest launched recently by Walmart, which also encouraged people to submit their creations for a change to get them sold at the supermarket.

Today, shoppers want sellers to be extremely inventive offering them the new products and services, and sellers really have a lot of resources to satisfy this quench for sophisticated approaches. Now, when digital is on the rise, brands often choose virtual space to get engaged with their consumers through various hubs and applications, primarily Facebook, iPhone or iPad ones. Zappos also followed the trend—the online show and apparel retailer, has released an iPad app entitled ‘Zappos Now’ (or ZN for short), in which an online store got merged with a digital fashion magazine.