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Silas Amos

Creative Director,
jones knowles ritchie, London

Silas Amos is a Creative Director at jones knowles ritchie. His background is as a packaging designer, having spent the past eighteen years working with clients such as Inbev, Unilever and Mars.

Before this, he graduated with a first class degree in information graphics, which has ultimately proved to be of oblique relevance at best.

His current role sees him generating visual planning and creative content for projects, aiming to deliver design expressions that are both creatively expansive yet single mindedly effective - in short, this means interpreting and expressing client insights and strategy through design literate eyes.

He edits the jkr branding blog.

jones knowles ritchie (JKR) is a multiple effectiveness award-winning agency for brands in crowded, competitive categories. With 20 years of experience, jkr’s unconventional design philosophy will help to get your brand noticed and chosen.

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