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Chris Hart

Creative Director,
Blue Marlin, Bath, UK

Chris is Creative Director at Blue Marlin, Bath.

He takes a very strategic approach to creativity. Passionate about craft and a highly talented conceptual thinker, he couples intense attention to detail with the long view and big picture understanding of brands and branding.

His favourite projects span global spirits brands and small-scale artisan products, from Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker to Hiho and Pukka Pies.

Blue Marlin is all about Landing Big Ideas. The consultancy harnesses the energy of ideas for clients by building a deep understanding of their brands, their competitive context and how they connect with target audiences. A liberal dose of commercial nous and creative spark are then applied to bring these brands to life.

Recent clients include Unilever, Cadbury, GSK, Shell and Sainsbury’s.

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