Controversial ad doesn’t live up to its predecessors

In the past, Coca Cola found success tapping into the zeitgeist of  American Culture and then offering itself as a solution to the fundamental issues of the day. When done successfully,  Coca Cola has managed to transcend the fizzy drinks category and become a real cultural icon—a rallying point around which all Americans could gather.

Collaboration between artists and designers can be rewarding for all parties and can bring real value to clients and to each other. But everyone should go into the partnership with eyes wide open to the challenges and potential pitfalls of bringing people inexperienced in packaging into that highly stressful, highly demanding world. If the client and the agency keep in mind the points covered in this article, the chances of a successful artist collaboration are very, very good!

The article is written by Douglas Kaufman, Head of Communications at Cocoon Group

About 30 years ago, my parents took part in a Jack Daniels promotion in which they ‘bought’ one square foot (a foot is about 1/3 of a meter, for the non-Americans reading this article) of genuine Lynchburg, Tennessee property in exchange for their signature and address. The promotion featured a realistic looking title to the land and probably came with some sort of gift-giveaway -both of which were chuckled over, brought home, and promptly forgotten about.