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Helge Tennø

Digital Director,
Dinamo AS, Norway

Helge is the Digital Director at Dinamo AS, one of Norway's biggest and most prominent communications agencies. He is an award-winning Designer and has several years of experience as Creative Adviser, Creative Director and Strategic Director. He has worked with some biggest Norway’s brands, including The National Lottery, Ringnes Brewery and Kraft Foods Norway.

Helge writes an acclaimed blog 180/360/720 and regularly contributes articles and content for printed and online publications. He is an international speaker discussing the future of digital as it moves from destination to integration, from platforms to everyday life. You can read his invaluable presentations here. Helge can also be followed on Twitter — @congbo

He was awarded the honorary award by the Norwegian Interactive Marketing Association (IAB) in 2010, at a ripe young age of 31.

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