Yota Devices, a private international smartphone manufacturer, and the Russian media company Look At Media have launched a series of state-of-the-art experiments that center around multi-user testing of the company’s latest innovative product— a dual-screen YotaPhone. The idea behind the project is to let potential customers try the key features of YotaPhone without leaving home and going to the brick-and-mortar retail store—a computer connected to the Internet is all they need for the test.

Google has named the latest version of its Android mobile operating system (4.4) after the popular chocolate product, Nestlé’s KitKat. With this move, the tech giant continues the longstanding tradition of giving its OS “sweet-tooth” names of popular desserts including Cupcake, Gingerbread, Froyo, Jelly Bean and more. With so many “sugary” iterations, it’s the first time Google uses the name of a particular confectionary brand.

Björk’s Biophilia album, which was launched back in 2011 as the first-ever multimedia album with an array of iPhone and iPad apps, is about to get a second life on other platforms. The artist has created a project on the Kickstarter platform, asking the global community to support the development of the apps on the Android and Windows 8 operating systems to make it easier (and cheaper) to use it within the Biophilia Educational Program. The minimum donation is just £1, and the expected amount is at least £375,000 (the deadline is February 27).