The London-based advertising agency isobel has conducted an online survey among 1250 UK adults in December 2013 to discover the happiest brands in the UK. As it turns out, for the British the happiest brands are digital giants, confectionary and body care labels. The ranking is topped by Cadbury, Andrex, Google, Fairy and Nivea, with a range of banks and political parties occupying the bottom of the list.

On April 29, Prince William and Catherine Middleton (now the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge) said “I will” at Westminster Abbey—and the time ahead one of the biggest events in Great Britain was a very busy period for brands and advertisers, since each of the big manufacturers in the U.K. just could not miss the opportunity to congratulate the royal couple on their marriage. Multiple limited-edition sets and lines, hilarious advertising and tie-up with social media—all this preceded the big day. Let’s take a look at how brands tapped into the royal celebrations and paid homage to the event, which shook the nation and the whole world.