Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, the London ad agency isobel in partnership will online polling company OnePoll conducted an intriguing love-or-hate study on brands across 1,500 UK respondents of both genders, 18+. The participants were asked to identify brands against some ‘love’ or ‘hate’ characteristics.

The London-based advertising agency isobel has conducted an online survey among 1250 UK adults in December 2013 to discover the happiest brands in the UK. As it turns out, for the British the happiest brands are digital giants, confectionary and body care labels. The ranking is topped by Cadbury, Andrex, Google, Fairy and Nivea, with a range of banks and political parties occupying the bottom of the list.

Enhancing reality using new technology is always fun (numerous campaigns with QR-codes, which have been gaining momentum over the last months prove this). But this ‘code’ way of adding new features to the surrounding world is not the only way to make it look different: recently, Grand Marnier launched a new integrated campaign ‘Welcome To The Sunset Hour,’ which includes an innovative new app, enabling users to turn any picture on their phone into a sunset photo.