Heineken has unveiled the film based on the super short plot by the winner of the #15SecondPremiere contestDennis Lazar (aka @awsommovieideas). The competition, launched in March as part of the brand’s sponsorship program at Tribeca Film Festival, encouraged creatives to submit tweets with brief stories—the best of them was to be produced and directed by a Hollywood film crew.

Virgin Atlantic launches a new safety video, an animated film, that is more likely to be watched by frequent passengers than previous traditional instructional spots. For the new project, the airlines company tapped the Art & Graft design and motion studio that created a 6-minute spot focusing on a character (e.g. a flier), who learns the safety rules in unconventional settings, movie genres.

Google has lent its homepage to promote a movie—the upcoming comedy film “The Internship” got a huge marketing support from the web giant, which placed the announcement of the Google+Hangout with the film’s co-stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson right beneath the search box on its main page, Google.com. The movie tells a story of two laid-off forty-something men, who are interns at a successful internet company (apparently Google), where their managers are in their 20s.

Films, which promote goods, are nothing new (today, you just can’t imagine a feature Hollywood film without the product placement), and non-cinema brands often come up with their own film series to entertain their consumers and introduce new product at the same time. Inspired by other brands including Toshiba, Target shot a film dubbed “Falling for You” starring Kristen Bell, Nia Long and Zachary Burr Abel to promote around of 110 Target-exclusive items, which will appear on the screen during the three webisodes. Since it’s not just another movie, but an innovative disguised catalogue, all the goods from pencil holders and apparel to furniture pieces and linen can be moved to a virtual shopping cart, plus they can be easily shared by viewers via social media channels with a click of a mouse button. The 12-minute film will launch at the dedicated pagefallingforyou.target.com tomorrow, October 2.

The popular camera brand Canon and Hollywood producer Ron Howard released a short film entitled ‘When You Find Me,’ inspired by eight crowdsourced photos. In summer, the brand and the filmmaker encouraged photo enthusiasts and professional from all around the globe to submit their stills that would represent one of the upcoming story’s facets. The competition dubbed Project Imagin8ion finished in summer, but it wasn’t the end for the project itself—on December 16, the production team unveiled a result of result work, which can be viewed on the dedicated page (the film will be available to watch until December 19, 9 am EST, so it’s the last day you can view it).