The war between Samsung and Apple is escalating and moving from the tablet and smartphone market to wearable electronics. Shortly after the speculation about Apple’s upcoming smart watch spread, Samsung Electronics Co. announced it was developing a high-tech wristwatch, too. This news follows the last week’s release of a new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4

Fortune has unveiled its annual ranking of the 50 world’s most admired companies. Apple is No.1 on list for the sixth straight year. In the top, the i-devices manufacturer is followed by Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola and Starbucks. This year’s ranking is dominated by U.S. companies, which take up most of the places—only eight are occupied by the businesses from outside the USA.

Rolex and Apple are the top consumer and business brands, respectively, this year’s Superbrands UK research finds. The Swiss luxury timepieces maker leads the UK chart for the second straight year in the Consumer category, while the U.S. based Apple gets on the top of the business list, pushing the last year’s leader Rolls-Royce to the 16th position.

Apple is apparently losing its title of the No.1 valued company, having surrendered to Exxon Mobil, an American multinational oil and gas corporation in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. The company’s shares have been reported by Bloomberg to slump 17 percent this year, and its market capitalization is now estimated $413 billion, while Exxon Mobil has $418 billion. Things were better for Apple in 2012, when the company managed to become the most valuable company ever. The source also reports that the company’s shares have fallen by 37 percent from a record in September.

Last week the world’s biggest and most successful online store for music and entertainment, Apple’s iTunes, saw a major revamp since 2010 — the whole-new 11 version for Mac and PC featuring new look, more convenient user interface and intuitive navigation. Moreover, new iTunes has got a redesigned player and a better integration with iCloud, which allows to store all the content and access it even while offline and from different devices.

Nokia joins Samsung in attacking Apple’s iPhone5 model. Two weeks after the S-brand released its video mocking the latest product from Apple’s portfolio and poking fun at iPhone-addicts, the Finnish mobile phones manufacturer launched a less ironic video, which focuses on colour. While Samsung video is referring to the technical characteristics of the Galaxy and iPhone devices, Nokia highlights the colour options available with its new Lumia 920 and the dull colour palette of the new iPhone.

The confrontation between Coca-Cola and Pepsi fades now that the new iPhone 5 release has renewed vigour in the Samsung and Apple war. Samsung has posted a new video to its Facebook page, mocking at Apple fans who were waiting for the new device in line at the store. The brand is poking fun at its competitor al all the “new and mindblowing features” of Apple’s latest product, which will be released in retail on September 21, and highlights the possibilities of the Samsung Galaxy SIII smart-phone in a light and non-pressing way.