To promote the launch of its 2014 catalog, IKEA has released an AR app that “builds in” furniture of the new collections into the room—virtually. The IKEA Catalog app saves the time and pain of choosing the furniture in-store and returning the purchase due to a bad room fit. With the app, consumers will be able to see how a new sofa or a chair integrates into the interiors without actually taking the piece of furniture into the house.

Starbucks is bringing more fun to consumer experience this holiday season by launching its first major augmented reality smartphone app featuring five Starbucks Holiday characters from the brand’s red coffee cups, Christmas Blend bags, in-store and more. This app, developed by Blast Radius, will be launched on November 15—it comes as a hilarious addition to the range of Starbucks’ applications, which includes the mobile payment and Card e-gift apps. It will allow consumers to play with the animated characters (they perform somersault and jumps when get tapped on) and win a prize for activating all of them (so far, the brand doesn’t unveil what exactly it will be).