Thanks to Samsung and the digital agency Cheil, now every Android user has a chance to take part in scientific medical researches of deceases like cancer or Alzheimer… while sleeping. To do that, they may download an alarm clock app “Power Sleep” that enables smartphones to “work” for a good cause by contributing its unused processing power to a cloud-based supercomputer that assists researchers in their calculations.

Not only people watch television, pets do that to, but the content they see doesn’t usually tug at their heartstrings. Nestlé Purina, which last year released a first-ever movie shot by cats under its Friskies brand, now is about to launch a 23-second TV commercial designed especially for dogs in Austria this week after broadcasting it in Germany this summer. To create an advert for Beneful, the brand teamed up with pet behavior experts from the USA, who guided the production team, consulting on what sounds really can make the canines turn their faces to the screen.