American Express has released a documentary film about people who got stuck in the American banking system swamp. The 40-minute film titled “Spent: Looking For Change” narrates stories of several families and individuals who ended up “under-banked” or “unbanked” in their tough life troubles and had nothing but to turn to costly alternatives like check-cashing, payday loans, and pawn shops. The project casts come light onto the problems that arise in such situations and advocate for traditional banking.

Bank of Melbourne rolled out an animated campaign targeted at children under 15, prompting them to create an incentive saver account in the bank. While McDonald’s is attaching toys to its Happy Meals as a gift to younger customers, Bank of Melbourne also has a gift in stock for its youngest clients—it allows to get a 12-month little penguin “fosterage.” So, along with saving their money, kids will be supporting one living creature in the conservation area.