Bank of Melbourne reaches kids with a cartoon ad, calling them to become young savers

Bank of Melbourne rolled out an animated campaign targeted at children under 15, prompting them to create an incentive saver account in the bank. While McDonald’s is attaching toys to its Happy Meals as a gift to younger customers, Bank of Melbourne also has a gift in stock for its youngest clients—it allows to get a 12-month little penguin “fosterage.” So, along with saving their money, kids will be supporting one living creature in the conservation area.

To promote the initiative, Bank of Melbourne has launched a short theatre cartoon ad created by South Melbourne’s XYZ Studios and agency Ogilvy Melbourne. It tells a story of a girl who has a penguin moneybox with the name of the bank on its back. As she drops a coin into it, the penguin turns into a living animal, and together they embark on a journey that takes them from the deepest sea waters to the moon. In the end, the penguin becomes a box again. For the ad, the bank collaborated with recognized Victorian composer Simon Watt.

The initiative builds on the Bank of Melbourne’s partnership with Phillip Island Nature Parks and the Penguin Foundation. The kids who open an incentive saver account in the bank, automatically recieve 1-year little penguin adoption. Additionally, they can come to the Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island Heritage Farm for free any time they want it during this year.

Companies and organizations frequently influence parents through kids by launching animated or fairytale-styled campaigns. One of the latest examples is Greenpeace’s “The Little Monsters” promotional effort aiming to raise awareness about hazardous chemicals present in kids’ garments.