Aesop, the brand storytelling agency, has created packaging for GSK’s biggest drinks launch for 20 years, Ribena Plus, which goes on sale this week. Its launch signals a new era for the market leading juice drink, with the addition of vitamins and minerals designed to slake consumers’ thirst for added value, functional and healthy products. Ribena Plus Apple & Peach and Blackcurrant Immunity Support contain added vitamins A, C and E, while Apple & Raspberry and Mixed Berries contain added calcium for healthy bones.

Every successful brand or company has a team of people, who developed the winning strategy and helped it move forth—and, in its turn, every team has its leader. Adweek, the magazine dedicated to covering creativity, client/agency relationships and global advertising, honors world’s most powerful marketers, who contributed to strengthening international brands, which shape out today’s culture and in some way determine our tomorrow. This year Adweek will celebrate eleven individuals, who helped global brands continue re-imagining our world, with the prestigious Brand Genius awards (formerly known as Marketer of the Year) “for their success in genius concepts.”