When British Airways launched its Happiness Blanket, it was clear that ‘happiness’ had become an integral part of the brand’s thinking. No wonder, really; marketers and brand experts are well aware that appealing to consumers’ emotional core is one of the surest ways to engender a positive response—and no emotion is as positive as happiness.

But more than that, its approach is based on human truth and carries a pleasant simplicity. Fly with us, it says, and we’ll keep you safe, secure, protected—figuratively as well as literally wrapped up. It highlights that BA thinks of its passengers not as customers, nor as cargo, but as people.

British Airways helps vacation planners choose the desired roots with a new interactive tool, “Picture Your Holiday,” developed by BBH London’s digital agency Monterosa. The highly visual, mosaic-like website is built as a mood board with hundreds of images of “dream vacations” featuring traditional local food, fabulous city views and beach landscapes, sporting activities, shopping inspirations and many more.

Rolex and Apple are the top consumer and business brands, respectively, this year’s Superbrands UK research finds. The Swiss luxury timepieces maker leads the UK chart for the second straight year in the Consumer category, while the U.S. based Apple gets on the top of the business list, pushing the last year’s leader Rolls-Royce to the 16th position.

British Airways invites UK fans to contribute to the Olympic Games using the hashtag #HomeAdvantage. The social symphony derives sounds from tweets, posts and messages on Twitter and Facebook sent in support of GB athletes. Each user can contribute to the producing of a sound wave, which is getting bigger and louder depending on users’ activity.