The shocking ads trend seems to be on the rise now. Following Nivea with its latest “terrorist” prank in the airport and Heineken with its “worst job interview,” Carlsberg has put some people to a tough, stressful test, too. The beer brand asked a group of young men to call their best friends in the middle of the night, between 1:00 and 5:00 AM, asking them to get out of bed and bring 300 euros to pay a card debt. Of course, only faithful friends could do such a favor.

BEO* is Carlsberg first venture into soft drink innovations, giving consumers a real alternative to alcohol and soft drinks. Ergo defined the potential, identified the mindset and developed a new brand language for this emerging category. The independent brand identity consultancy worked with the Carlsberg team to give the brand a ‘delightfully refreshing’ personality that brings the product experience to life, and created the brand identity—natural, fresh, yet sophisticated.