Cheetos, PepsiCo‘s Frito-Lay’s mischievous and playful snack brand, is on a mission to reward the best of the best when it comes to goofing off. The brand unveiled the Cheetos Billion Minute Break, a first-of-its-kind, internet-wide experience where  American consumers can compete to become the greatest break-taker alive and the winner of the ultimate Cheetos reward—a larger-than-life portrait of themselves made entirely of Cheetos snacks. Every minute spent goofing off online helps consumers earn greater goof-off status and valuable prizes, and helps Cheetos achieve its ultimate goal—a collective one billion minutes of time spent goofing off by its fans.

A new offering by India’s snack brand Cheetos (PepsiCo), Cheesy Bugs is another healthier addition to the Cheetos Whoosh range. The product provides a healthier kids snack option to mom’s who are always worried about what her child eats during the breaks at school. This new product is made from positive ingredients like whole grains making it rich in fiber & proteins and is fortified with Vitamin A.