Coca-Cola Zero wants to help people feel less awkward in their traditional, still usually ridiculous Christmas sweaters. The garment, which causes heartache to those who have to wear it at family Xmas parties, now can be fundamentally redesigned. The brand has launched an online destination, Coke Zero Sweater Generator, inviting its US consumers to come and create a Christmas jumper design for a chance to get the physical incarnation of their dream jumper.

Promoting its low-calorie drink, Coca-Cola has launched two different TV campaigns for Coke Zero in the UK and the USA. While the latter continues the March Madness with its «It’s Not Your Fault» message and focuses on the NCAA tournament— still a hot topic for the US audience right now, the European campaign showcases the «Taste the Possibility» ethos and offers to «taste the difference» between a regular Coke and Coke Zero.

Coca-Cola is committed to supporting young filmmakers by launching numerous cinematic competitions targeted at younger creative talents—directors, scriptwriters, cameramen and producers—under its major brands. This time, the Coke Zero diet soda brand and MOFILM are inviting aspiring film producers to compete for a chance to work with Forest Whitaker and Phillippe Caland from Junto Box on developing a script for a feature movie.