We define ourselves as brand designers but, put quite simply, we make change. But do we ever question just how comfortable we—or our clients—are with change? We’ve been thinking—and talking—about this quite a bit recently as we decided that we maybe need to address how we manage the process of design change through a more honest and open dialogue with our clients. And this also got me thinking about change—and, maybe more importantly, exchange—in the wider world. Previous brand and retail barriers have broken down, the brand landscape has changed beyond all recognition and we all feel more a part of a global brand community.

By Helge Tennø, Scandinavian Design Group,

The way we are making and selling design is becoming generic and confusing. One of the challenges is that design, as creativity, is described as a product, an end goal. When the fact is that neither design nor creativity is a result, it’s a description of how we get there, not what we will end up with.

The following is the first of three installments beginning with the definitions of what is design and what is creativity, followed by thoughts on how to create and understand identity thoughts by SDG’s expert, Helge Tennø.