On July 12, Doritos, a PepsiCo’s snack brand, launched a 2-months storytelling campaign Doritos Uncut for their Brazilian fans on Facebook. The campaign, developed by partner agencies LiveAD in Sao Paolo and Night Agency in New York, gives the idea of social sharing and storytelling through an innovative application that allows multiple friends to tell one story. The story is hoped to be brought to digital life by Doritos.

Doritos, the tortilla brand well-known for its crowdsourcing ad projects (which not only gave dozens of creatives from around the globe a chance to earn some money with their filmmaking talent, but also helped the brand make it big earlier this year during Super Bowl), has released a touching story of one man, Esteban Ortega, aka the Dip Desperado. He used to be a champion chip flicker, but then ruined his life with alcohol and big-headedness and finally lost his title—now he wants to reclaim it and asks consumers to help.

Doritos has initiated another fight between its flavours to see which of them is the ‘strongest’. Building on success of other themed advertising pieces, which included the spots for the Egyptian and U.S. markets as well as the large-scaled ‘The End’ promotion in Canada, where people were encouraged to ‘destroy’ one of the new additions, A (in the white bag) or B (in the black bag), the snack brand has kicked off a similar integrated promotion for Australian consumers at the www.battleoftheflavours.com website. Now, two new Doritos flavours, Hot Mexican Salsa and Thai Sweet Chilli, are placed against one another on the digital spot, and consumers are invited to support their favourite by suggesting the effective battle moves against the competitor.