Doritos to test three new flavors in “mystery packaging” in the U.S.

Frito-Lay is rolling out the new “Bold Flavor Experiment” in the U.S., inviting consumers to decide in a blind test, which flavor of three new Doritos Jacked tortilla chips is better. The three favors are launched in special “mystery” silver-colored  minimalist packaging.

Photo: Doritos launches mystery flavors as part of the “Bold Flavor Experiment” campaign,

Starting Saturday, the company has been selling the new offerings in packs that will differ only by the color of labels—red, yellow or blue. Each packaging is also marked with the “batch number”—for instance, the red one goes with 855. The flavor test will run through April 29, and the best one will be defined in an online voting at the website, which is yet to launch.

To motivate fans to vote, the brand will be giving away daily prizes of $1,000 in gold. The flavor that gets most votes, will be officially launched this autumn in a standard packaging.

It’s not the first time Doritos is doing pre-launch tests in select markets to reveal consumers’ preferences. Back in 2011, the brand invited Canadians to decide which of the two suggested flavors to keep and which to be discontinued. Fans were to write an ending for the commercial, in which one flavor «crashes» the other one.