Dove, which tends to focus on real female beauty in its ads, has released a tribute to dads ahead of  Father’s Day in the U.S., which falls on June 21 this year. The body care brand has released an emotional spot that illustrates the role of a father in kids’ lives. The kaleidoscopic 1-minute ad film titled “Calls For Dad” is inspired by the highlights of the 2014 Dove Men+Care Dad Portrayal Study that shows a clearer picture of relationship between fathers and their offspring.

Dove has conducted a new awesome psychological experiment themed around how women perceive their natural beauty. The effort that follows the award-winning piece Beauty Sketches was inspired by a study, which showed that 80% of women feel anxious about their appearance. The Dove: Patches groundbreaking experiment is demonstrating that the beauty is already within us, and it can be “activated” with just one thing—our desire to feel beautiful.

A man and a woman, conception of a fetus, nine months of pregnancy, a newborn. This is a standard scheme of how human babies have been coming into this life for ages. Now, when technologies are constantly reformulating our everyday lives, are they also reaching out into the basics of our existence, the way we develop from the very first day after the fusion of gametes? How can women make the most from their pregnancy and make it a yet more remarkable experience? How is the baby’s life in the very first days getting enhanced by science and gadgets? The next generation will be not just influenced by tech, it is already born with tech as part of its DNA.

Dove has partnered with Ogilvy Toronto to develop a project dubbed Real Beauty Sketches, inspiring women to see beauty in themselves. With the help of a portraitist, the brand has explored the difference between how women perceive themselves and how others see them. The findings are revealed in the key 3-minute web film as well as in a series of shorter interviews.

Dove is determined to help every women feel confident and satisfied with her look, and has launched numerous initiatives to achieve this goal. Now the brand is expanding its ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, giving Facebook users an opportunity to replace offensive ads about ‘jelly rolls,’ ‘love handles’ or ‘muffin tops’ with positive beauty messaging using Dove’s ‘The Ad Makeover’ app in Australia.