Ahead of the Earth Hour, the condom brand Durex is rolling out a new initiative, #TurnOffToTurnOn, encouraging its customers to take advantage of the only hour in a year on  March 29 when the world turns off more lights than usual. The brand positions the campaign as “a global wake-up call from Durex,” inspiring couples all across the globe to spend at least one hour with each other.

Durex Australia has launched a global creative contest ‘Durex Naked Box’ to crowdsource design for the new condom pack. While the activity to which Durex products relate is better enjoyed in a couple (traditionally), the brand still can deliver fun to a broader audience as this contest and previous creative competitions prove. The new initiative convinced by creative agency Iris Worldwide is rolling out on the Durex Facebook fan-page—the brand is offering people aged 18 or older create their own vivid and hilarious cover for the next box.

Leading global design and innovation company Seymourpowell is pleased to announce details of its new packaging design for Reckitt Benckiser’s (RB) Durex Play mini devices range consisting of; Little Devil, Touch, Ultra and the newly launched Delight. Seymourpowell has also designed packaging for two newly launched sensual body massagers from Durex Play—Dream and Discover.

Now, with AR being probably the most powerful advertising tool in the set of ‘reality’ features used for promotion, let’s look back at another, traditional ‘reality’ promotional approach, which still works perfectly. TV commercials with their made-up plots, characters and dialogues can appeal for sure, but genuine emotions of real people are much more convincing. Building on the success of extremely popular reality programs, brands launch their own initiatives of this kind to entertain and educate audience while spreading the word about the goods—some of these projects are grandiose, the others are small-scale, but this format never leaves consumers untouched.