McDonald’s is plotting a complete overhaul, both from inside and outside. The world’s No. 1 biggest fast food chain is set to transform its menu and switch to a new branding. This evolutional process will take about 18 months, and after this reconstruction the world will see a new McDonald’s built around healthier foods, authentic homely atmosphere and sustainability-driven philosophy. In some way, in terms of positioning McDonald’s will be similar to the rapidly  growing Chipotle Mexican Grill chain.

Marketers are finding an increasingly attractive consumer segment in Generation Z, those born between the years 1991 and 2002. In its new strategy briefing, ‘Make Way for Generation Z: Marketing to Today’s Teens and Tweens’ Euromonitor International examines the marketing potential for this group of brand-conscious, tech-savvy, old before their years and highly individualistic wave of consumers. Aimed at strategists and planners, the briefing draws on Euromonitor International’s vast information resources to give a complete picture of the world’s largest demographic grouping, accounting for about to 21% of the global population in 2009.

Euromonitor International released the look at the top 10 consumer trends for 2011. The 2011 consumer is branching out: mobile and online, making time for self-care to stay ahead and well. Consumers are reaching out to higher-end products, greener consumption if the price is right and experience-based consumption while considering purchases more. Brands need to tap into the on and offline cultural zeitgeist to best connect with their existing and potential customers.