Global design consultancy FITCH has conducted an international study in Europe, Russia and China to learn what influences purchasing behaviours of younger people aged 14-19, a so-called Gen Z. It was discovered that these shoppers, who represent the most culturally diverse type of consumers today, has their own “Five-point path to purchase.” The study is based on ethnographic interviews and first-hand feedbacks as well as design-focused observations.

As the Black Friday rush in the US and Canada is over and the official Christmas shopping frenzy is almost there in the Catholic (and, frankly, all the remaining) world, retailers and brands are looking to make the most of this holiday season in every possible channel: physical stores and malls, on the web, on mobile devices and even in social media.

IDEAS4RETAIL, operating in the non-food retail segment in Russia and co-founded by prominent businessmen Enveny Butman, the founder of ECS Group, and Alexandr Mamut, best known for founding the SUP Media company, is now launching a new retail brand of kitchen appliances called COOK HOUSE. This is the first own brand of the company, which has already been operating such franchisees as Imaginarium, Hamleys, Mamas & Papas in Russia.