Hermès has added a new, audio dimension to its jewelry in the new digital campaign, The Sound of Hermès Silver. For the effort, the luxury brand has teamed up with London-based United Visual Artists, art and design practice, to create an unconventional digital project in which silver is given a voice, literally. The project was masterminded by the Dan Paris agency.

Hyundai Motor Co. has added some fashion to its brand picture by unveiling three, not-for-sale Equus limousines designed by Hermès. The car marker is not planning to extend the edition to the market, but it hopes that the collaboration will influence customer perceptions and the brand will be more associated with the top-notch luxury fashion world.

In the season of presenting new fashion collections, Hermès is paying tribute to sustainability by creating a new fabulous addition to the brands rich heritage. The House re-imagines pieces of cloth and leather left over from creating bigger models as well as other flawed things by turning them into something incredibly cute and touching. The brand unveiled the Petit h’ collection of jewelry and decorative accessories described as a series of “unidentified poetic objects,” which create a magic world of tiny miserable things that were given a chance to make a big impact.