Honest Tea has launched a new humorous campaign with the ‘Refreshingly Honest’ tagline to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients. In its first integrated advertising campaign, which is rolling across multiple media including TVCs, digital video, social media, out-of-home billboards and transit signage as well as on-site activations, the brand owned by Coca-Cola since 2011 focuses on the fact that only organic products are used to produce the cold tea beverage. The message of the campaign, developed by Amalgamated NYC is simple and straight-forward—other than real ingredients just can’t get into the Honest Tea and Honest Ade drink, no matter how hard they try.

Tree-planting movement is already joined by a number of brands including Avon, Timberland, Finlandia Vodka, IKEA, Odwalla and many more. The idea of providing consumers an opportunity to give back to nature while buying something natural was recently adopted by another brand, Coca-Cola’s Honest Tea, which partnered with the National Forest Foundation to kick off its Bag to Tree reforest campaign across the USA.