IBM is addressing a range of city challenges with its groundbreaking technologies to help make metropolitan areas around the globe a better place to live. As part of its Smarter Cities project, the technology giant offers solutions to a variety of urban problems in transportation, building, education, public safety, healthcare and more areas, creating cities of the future. On September 28, the company announced its collaboration with Streetline, Inc., the leading global provider of sensor-enabled mobile and web applications for smart parking solutions, aimed at helping people with tips for finding parking spaces faster and providing urban areas officials with the ways to alleviate traffic congestion.

IBM, celebrating its 100th anniversary, opened the THINK exhibition at Lincoln Center located on Jaffe Drive in New York. The THINK explores how the world works and how to make it work better—using the latest technologies and maps. The THINK exhibit is an interactive experience that combines three ways to engage visitors in a conversation about how we can improve the way we live.

Today Intel, HP, IBM, Google and Facebook announced they joined US President’s initiative Startup America, a national campaign aimed at encouraging startups and increasing the share of entrepreneurs in US market. The initiative which is a part of the Administration’s innovation campaign, will be led by AOL co-founder Steve Case.