Illy coffee extends its art collection of cups and tins with a new addition designed by the Chinese artist Liu Wei. The Illy Art Cup 2013 set is a tribute to modern abstract art and a celebration of an urban vibe, translated through lines and colours. The visual language of the coffee set stems from the artist’s The Purple Air oil paintings, depicting stylized skyscraper cityscapes.

illy makes another artistic statement by launching a new cup set as part of its extensive illy art collection, which already includes a plethora of coffee cups and saucers created by celebrated artists from around the globe since 1992, the year of the line’s launch. Being one of the artistic illy cups and resonating with the collection’s philosophy (the creator’s style gets splashed on the cup of an unchanged traditional shape), the new piece by a duo of contemporary Turkish artists, Yasemin Baydar and Birol Demir, :mentalKLINIK stands out by its origin since it’s the first ever co-curated cup. The latest addition to the collection has been developed under the creative supervision of two, illycaffè’s art director Carlo Bach and Jérôme Sans, cultural curator of Le Méridien, the Paris-born hotel brand.

The illy sustainArt Award, of illycaffè, has come to Brazil. As proof of the importance of the Brazilian market for the company, the name of the country will be a part of the award title. The Brazilian version will be held during the eighth edition of SP Arte—which takes place between May 10 and 13, in the Pavilhão da Bienal de São Paulo. The project is part of one of the major initiatives of the company in its intimate relationship with the arts.

illy has been blending art and coffee for decades, and one of the most striking results of such a mix is its illy Art Collection, which now includes a plethora of state-of-the art coffee cup sets and cans created by the greatest international artists of our time as well as by aspiring talents. The range, which includes over 70 series of coffee cups by Jeff Koons, Francsis Fod Coppola, Jan Fabre and Tobias Rehberger to name but a few, now welcomes the cups with blastful designs created by Neapolitan artist Francesco Clemente, who now lives in the USA, and a the second can of 2011, designed by Alioum Moussa, who is an eclectic and multidisciplinary artist from Cameroon.

The Italian coffee brand illy, which infuses coffee with art in its bespoke Art Collection, is extending the range of artist cups and saucers with a new limited-edition piece, created by celebrated Bombay-born sculptor Anish Kapoor, who’s been living in London for 40 years. The artist, known for his giant projects such as his huge Leviathan intallation in Paris or Cloud Gate in Chicago, this time switched to tiny sizes, but still applied his unparalleled approach and signature style to designing the cup. Just like most of his creations, the new illy coffeeware has a metallic touch and is dedicated to blending emptiness/fullness and external/ internal in one piece.