Toyota is eying to engage young drivers with its latest campaign, Wakudoki, across eight Asia-Pacific markets such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The new effort, which is the first-ever completely digitally-led campaign of the brand, features popular Japanese dance group World Order who are supposed to build better awareness of the brand among the younger generation.

The Coca-Cola Company is not only striving to remain the leader in the beverage industry, but is also extending its international presence in entertainment, social and educational spheres. In addition to its numerous charitable campaigns and projects, focused on alleviating hunger and providing medical support and clean water to poor communities in developing countries, the company introduces initiatives, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and the importance of education. As part of this ongoing commitment, on August 17, Coca-Cola launched Indonesia’s first metropolitan-based learning center called ‘Learning Lounge’ at Plaza Semanggi in Jakarta, which will provide local youth with an opportunity to realize their full intellectual potential.