According to the recent statistics, nearly 19,000 cyclists are killed in the road accidents in the U.K. every year. To address the problem, the British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has initiated a research project aimed to identify the best warning sounds, colours and actions that will catch a driver’s attention immediately.

Vehicles with next-generation technology require cutting-edge, hi-tech presentations. The all-new Jaguar Land Rover has become the key figure in the latest 3D augmented projection mapping show, developed by global creative business Imagination. Blending magic with technological innovations, the creative team unveiled a VIP visitor experience, in which the new model was revealed on a rotating platform. The theatrical performance was hosted in Solihull in the UK, the home of Land Rover for over six decades.

Jaguar, the iconic British brand owned by Tata Motors since 2008, is rolling out a new global campaign to highlight its wild side and prove that it’s ‘alive.’ The new advertising effort with the ‘How alive are you?’ tagline is kicking off on, as on Facebook and YouTube, with a 45-second version of a 30-second TVC, which is slated to air in mid-March, when print, digital and outdoor advertising elements will be launched as well. In addition to the new marketing push, developed by Spark 44 (a London-based agency founded last June and partly owned by Jaguar), the auto giant, which has been on the luxury auto market for decades, is unveiling a new updated logo and its brand symbol and is gearing up for an 18-city United States road show to provide consumers with an opportunity to try the cars and make sure the luxury vehicles are worth buying.