Jim Beam is launching a campaign to protect bees, the producers of honey used for Jim Beam Honey, a new product in the brand’s range. The new humorous initiative, Sue the Bears, is aimed at one of the “bee’s enemy”—bears. As part of the effort, Jim Beam will donate money to real-life organizations that protect bee populations and try to find a solution to what’s called Colony Collapse Disorder. Reports have it that honey bees are now under threat in the USA—they are dying or go missing at tremendous rates, about 1/3 of bees in beehives disappeared from their hives over the 2012/2013 winter season across the USA. 

Jim Beam has tapped Leonardo DiCaprio for an advert, which is airing exclusively in Japan. Surprisingly enough, the brand has not engaged the Hollywood A-lister in a massive campaign—the highest paid actor in 2011 stars in a simple (and a bit odd) short commercial. In the ad, which is just 17 seconds long, Mr. DiCaprio first appears as a sculptor and then turns into a magician.

Jim Beam is helping Australians unleash their animal nature—the bourbon brand has launched a Tarzan-inspired bizarre campaign dubbed ‘It’s Time,’ which is rolling out across a number of platforms including TV, cinema, print, online and ambient point of sale. Developed by Sydney-based agency The Works, the new $5m advertising effort is revolving around the idea that the time has come to get together with friends for a glass of fine bourbon. And here, old, primeval methods of summoning mates beat modern approaches like mobile phone calls, texting or writing an e-mail.

Jim Beam debuts the latest innovation in its portfolioDevil’s Cut, bourbon whiskey is created using a proprietary process that extracts the liquid trapped inside the wood of the bourbon barrels. The product is a robust premium bourbon with a deep color, aroma and character that showcases notes of wood, oak and vanilla derived from the barrel wood.

A city as a source of the ‘creative spark’. Urban streets as basis for bold and massive campaigns. For many decades, smaller towns and megalopolises have been inspiring advertising agencies behind multiple marketing projects, which on the one hand are targeted at promoting brands and, on the other hand, encourage consumers to compare different cities, unveil creativity and strong dedication to sport, cinema and quests, or even bring rural accents to urban settings. We at Popsop have reviewed global brands’ ad activity during 2010 and first two months of 2011 to see how they’ve been embedding city into their promotions. Now, we are presenting our 3-part study dedicated to the subject. The first section of this review will highlight competitions, cross-city studies, urban sport-related promotions, which have been taking place within big cities around the globe and in a way were dedicated to them.

Jim Beam has launched an extensive advertising campaign dubbed “8 Years Changes Everything” to highlight the product’s eight-year aging process. The nationwide marketing push includes the Beamfire Sweepstakes (allowing consumers to throw any used item into a virtual bonfire to celebrate the process of their personality maturing), a range of advertisements, and Jim Beam Black® Double Aged Bourbon’s revamped packaging.

As part of its marketing platform «8 years changes everything», Beam Global Spirits & Wine announced  the launch of ‘Beamfire’ sweepstakes — an online competition that allows consumers to celebrate how much they’ve matured along with Jim Beam Black® over the last 8 years — and burn down their past by tossing the items and even the outdated thoughts into a virtual bonfire that burns at www.beamfire.com.