A man and a woman, conception of a fetus, nine months of pregnancy, a newborn. This is a standard scheme of how human babies have been coming into this life for ages. Now, when technologies are constantly reformulating our everyday lives, are they also reaching out into the basics of our existence, the way we develop from the very first day after the fusion of gametes? How can women make the most from their pregnancy and make it a yet more remarkable experience? How is the baby’s life in the very first days getting enhanced by science and gadgets? The next generation will be not just influenced by tech, it is already born with tech as part of its DNA.

Gap celebrates the school season and promotes its new fall collection for kids by launching the Shine On campaign in the USA and Canada. The new promotion, which basically syncs with the brand’s Be Bright positioning for older consumers, features kids ranging from one to 12 years old, who are spreading joy around themselves and painting a mural on the campus of Daniel Webster Middle School in Los Angeles with vibrant colours.