NIVEA Protégé print ad integrates with an app to help parents monitor kid on the beach

Nivea, a cosmetics brand with a social good twist, has launched a wearable print ad that is supposed to help parents track their children’s activity on the beach. In Brazil, just in time for a swimming season, the brand released a one-of-a-kind print advertising that allows moms and dads to create a trackable bracelet out of it.


The wearable piece goes as part as a traditional print ad in a common magazine. Parents are invited to tear the detachable right side with a special monitor. The strip works as a special bracelet—it gets attached to a kid’s little arm and says the parents what’s the distance between them and the child.

The information is processed and displayed via a special NIVEA Protégé app that can be easily downloaded by parents, who can add as many names of their kids as they want to the iPhone or Android app.


The bracelets are made of humidity-resistant paper so kids can swim and play in wet sand, and the pieces can also be re-worn. Parents can set the maximum distance the kids can walk. If this radius is too long, the app sends a loud alert to the parent.

Skip to the video to see how the app works.