KitKat Japan is giving its consumers a great opportunity to enjoy the popular sweet snack and use its packaging as a train ticket. Those who travel by the Sanriku Railway in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture are invited to purchase special packs of KitKat at the price that is less than a cost of a standard ticket and use it as a pass to the train.

Google has named the latest version of its Android mobile operating system (4.4) after the popular chocolate product, Nestlé’s KitKat. With this move, the tech giant continues the longstanding tradition of giving its OS “sweet-tooth” names of popular desserts including Cupcake, Gingerbread, Froyo, Jelly Bean and more. With so many “sugary” iterations, it’s the first time Google uses the name of a particular confectionary brand.

Traditional taste and smell enhancers, celebrity advice, coherence with a person’s image—all this can make the product, both eatable or not, more attractive to a consumer. But there’s also another thing that can make virtually any product on the market more attractive. This magic non-physical intensifier is a ritual, which adds a new enjoyable dimension to the process of consuming a product.

Kit Kat, one of the most successful brands produced by the Nestlé company, is celebrating its 75th birthday. The name of the iconic chocolate ‘fingers,’ approx. 540 of which are consumed every second around the globe (according to the Guinness Book of Records as of March 2010), dates back to the 17th century and originates from a London-based literary and political club called Kit Kat, the abbreviated name of pastry chef Christopher Catling, the owner of a pie shop where its meetings were held.

Time has come for Kit Kat to step into the virtual world of augmented reality. The Nestlé-owned brand and pop group Scouting For Girls are introducing a big marketing project, which uses new ways of engaging youth.  The Kit Kat’s new project dubbed «Kit Kat Brings Music To Life», which is the brand’s most massive spending on the cyber sphere to date, was devised by the Skive digital agency.