Kit Kat Crosses Fingers for the British Football Team

Kit Kat is encouraging sport fans to cross fingers for their favourite team (it would better be the English one) to win the World Cup, which kicks off today. The Nestlé’s brand has launched a new mini-section on its corporate website and released a spot dedicated to the future victory of the red and white team in the tournament.

The Cross Your Fingers campaign includes a daily drawing of £1,000, and sharing the energy of the event via Twitter and Facebook. The visitors can win the big prize by uploading a code from the Kit Kat packaging from May 3 through July11.

The spot featuring players and fans on the stadiums, who are crossing their fingers to support the British footballers and drive them to the victory, first aired on May 1 across terrestrial British TV channels. According to Nestlé, the Cross Your Fingers campaign is its largest investment in a promotion.