A new investigative report from Greenpeace, called ‘Dirty Laundry’ features the problem of toxic water pollution resulting from the release of hazardous chemicals by the textile industry in China. Greenpeace accused the Chinese conglomerate supplying Nike, Adidas, Lacoste and other leading brands in discharging hormone-disrupting chemicals and other toxins into the country’s major water systems. Questions about corporate responsibility for the firms they do business with were raised up. 

The world renowned brand Lacoste in partnership with Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, announced a prize to celebrate young and promising photographers at the exhibition dubbed ‘reGeneration 2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today’ that took place at the Swiss photography museum. Out of 80 photographers, the jury of the Lacoste Elysee prize comittee selected 12 nominants from different countries. Among them there were:  Ueli Alder (Switzerland), Benjamin Beker (Serbia), Jen Davis (United States), Di Liu (China), Camila Rodrigo Graña (Peru),  Kalle Kataila (Finland), Geoffrey H. Short (New Zealand), Tereza Vlcková (Czech Republic) and others.

Lacoste is going on unveiling the legends of the industries, related to the brand. Recently, the world-known producer of sportswear launched a website to pay tribute to René Lacoste, the man, who actually started the brand in the first half of the 20th century. Now the global label has teamed up with 12 companies from the areas of music, retail, fashion and media to launch the “Lacoste Legends” creative collaboration, which is teaming up pure icons of their industries.

Designers Fernando and Humberto Campana in cooperation with Lacoste created four limited-edition shirt designs, which are handmade in Brazil by the Coopa Roca Women’s Co-operative. The idea of the initiative was to provide the woman of Rocinha (largest favela in Rio de Janeiro) a nice job with a safe and neat place to work, earn money and still have time to take care after their families.

Over the next three years the famous brand Lacoste is going to donate $500,000 to a campaign aimed at protecting rare animals. The company with a green reptile on its logo will give the money to save this very creature, the Gange gavial crocodile from extinction. As for now there are only 1,400 of them left in the world. The saving initiative is likely to be supported by other brands as well.