Adelholzener Alpenquellen and Landor Associates redesigned the bottle labels of the disposable and reusable Adelholzener mineral water as well as the bio juice spitzers. The new label design gives the consumer the impression that they are instantly entering the pure and untouched mountains of the Bavarian Alps. With the new disposable PET bottle designed by Landor, the Adelholzener mineral water, the only German mineral water from the Bavarian Alps, and bio juice spritzer can now enjoy an attractive and yet practical packaging.

Yell announces the appointment of Jenny Ashmore to the new role of Group Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). In this capacity, Jenny will take responsibility for Yell’s global marketing strategy and oversee its execution throughout the Group’s operations in the UK, US, Spain and Latin America. Yell is also announcing that it has partnered with Landor Associates to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the Group’s brand portfolio.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen the Russian business grow bigger, demonstrating interest in overseas expertise in nearly every aspect of economy and public life. Brand and design area has been no exception. When it comes to branding, major Russian companies are more likely to entrust their branding budgets to the UK design experts. Think, for instance, of the latest collaboration between and CampbellRigg who have unveiled the new retail design concept for its stores in Moscow this week. While the UK’s creative services become more popular in Russia, the number of international projects of such kind is growing each year.

Sustainable Brands ’11 provided an early look at results from the 2011 ImagePower  Global Green Brands study, one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility. The results were released on Wednesday and will be discussed in depth on Friday, June 10 during ‘The Unfolding Green Brands Landscape: Notes on the Trendline’ presentation.

Molson Coors and Landor Associates launched exciting new designs for Coors Light packaging. Coors Light seeks to build on its heritage, reinforcing the core Rocky Mountain cold refreshment brand message. The simplified design, launching in the UK, promotes the brand’s position as a Premium Light Tasting Beer, whilst managing consumer understanding that ‘light’ references taste and not alcohol by volume (ABV) content.