It’s fascinating how certain themes emerge in the marketing world. One that has been impossible to ignore in recent years is the massive growth of the luxury sector which, if we believe everything we read, has been fuelled by ‘greedy bankers’ and ‘emerging global economies’ (China, India et al). While the rest of the economy went through a credit crunch, the richest in society got richer, their numbers grew and of course, brands followed.

Fabergé is celebrating the egg season, Easter, in New York with the rollout of a campaign that features egg creations designed by recognized talents. The legendary French jewelry house has installed 200+ giant eggs, each designed by a different artist, around the five boroughs of the city and invited people to spot them for a chance to win prizes from the brand.

The house of Dior is highlighting the components of its fabulous aroma compositions with a digital odyssey across the brand’s gardens around the world, from France to Madagascar. As part of this digital effort, the brand has released a marvelous 8-minute video that focuses on the flowers that are «source for Dior’s skincare exceptional performances,» along with a detailed description of each garden.