Dior adds its flower gardens on a digital map

The house of Dior is highlighting the components of its fabulous aroma compositions with a digital odyssey across the brand’s gardens around the world, from France to Madagascar. As part of this digital effort, the brand has released a marvelous 8-minute video that focuses on the flowers that are «source for Dior’s skincare exceptional performances,» along with a detailed description of each garden.

Pic.: A screenshot from the Dior Gardens page

The video is accompanied with shorter vignettes about the gardens that explain where the flowers for exquisite Dior fragrances come from, how these products are created, and how the natural  power of flowers benefits women’s beauty.

There’s also a map that highlights the 11 locations—the two red pins already open up as complete stories, and the locations that will get descriptions soon are marked with grey balloons. The gardens that have been already covered are The Ranomafana Garden in Madagascar (Longoza) and The Vallée de la Loire Garden in France (Rose De Granville).

“Led by a desire for biological effectiveness, Dior experts are always looking for new floral ingredients that are powerful enough to respond to the needs of the skin. In this context, The Dior Gardens are a hotbed of inestimable richness,” says Dior.