Over a half (55%) of UK adults have stopped browsing sites and looking for new content and products—instead they stick to two-three trusted sources of information. This data comes from the global media agency Carat’s Consumer Connection System research tool surveying 11,000 UK consumers and their media behaviour annually.

Earlier in October, the media agency OMD UK in partnership with the UK’s leading publishing company Time Inc. UK presented the results of their second-year joint research project aimed to better understand the ever-changing British society—the report called The Future of Britain, and its specific part The Future of Families.

Benetton’s COLORS magazine, which explores various facets of modern life, has released its #86 issue dedicated to contemporary journalism. Under the new theme, “Making the News,” the brand provides an insight into the changing world of the journalism today, which is greatly influenced by technology, economy and many other crucial factors.