Miller Lite is giving its cans a second tab for a smoother pour, and inviting beer drinkers to have fun opening it. The Punch Top Can increases airflow, reducing glug and resulting in an improved, smoother pour that highlights the great pilsner taste of Miller Lite.  The second tab on the Punch Top Can can be opened with a wide array of objects such as a house key, golf tee or even a dollar bill, for those who are especially clever.  Simply set the can on a solid surface, place your chosen opener against the edge of the can and use leverage to open the second tab.

New ideas are often sourced from previous approaches. Miller Lite has returned to the old ‘It’s Miller Time’ tagline (now it has a new meaning) to encourage Americans to spend more time with their friends—not only for a beer. While in the previous campaigns under this slogan, which was used by Miller High Life in 1970’s and then returned for Miller Lite from 1997 to 2002, beer was positioned as a reward after hard work, now the focus got shifted to sociability. The new U.S. campaign, which is set to roll across multiple platforms including TV, social media and print, is to help the Miller Lite beer, which is the fourth biggest-selling beer brands in the USA, revive since its overall shipments dropped by 4.3 percent last year, CNBC reports.

Global companies do not hesitate to share their expertise—and money—with aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses. Among those who come out to support little companies and help lead their country out of the global financial are Facebook, Dell and Starbucks to name but a few, and this list is growing. MillerCoors is one of those who provide aspiring businessmen with a monetary support to develop their companies, diverse and promising—though its MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneurs Series (MUES) program, the alcohol manufacturer has been giving away five grants of $150,000 annually for over a decade. Now, the company is announcing a new submission round (this year, the period was extended by nearly a month), which is running through October 28 at

Coors Light packaging now features a new design that tells you when your beer reaches the ‘peak of refreshment.’ As part of its upcoming Super Cold Summer, the brand is debuting the latest in cold-activated technology: New Coors Light Two-Stage Activation bottles and cans, which make it easy to see when your Coors Light goes from cold… to Super Cold.

Miller Lite is encouraging beer drinkers across the USA to ‘save their summer’ by collecting Taste Points and submitting them for the chance to win epic prizes. The program running from May 1 through July 31 allows legal-drinking-age consumers to collect points found on specially marked packages of Miller Lite and by checking-in on foursquare at participating bars and restaurants for a chance to win thousands of daily and weekly, or one of three epic prizes.

MillerCoors is celebrating the holiday season with a series of programs and partnerships across the U.S. to help prevent drunk driving and encourage consumers to plan ahead for a safe celebration. The company will launch its signature ‘Miller Lite Free Rides™’ program in five cities on New Year’s Eve and urges consumers nationwide to never drive drunk.