The latest Mintel research conducted among the U.S. consumers reveals that over a half of them (51%) consider organic product labeling is just an excuse for manufacturers to charge more; only 35-39% consider that products with organic labeling are actually organic. Just 40% recognize that organic foods are highly regulated, while 38% of the respondents are sure that «organic products» is just a marketing trick and it has no real value.

As Mintel European retail analysts foresee, this year’s Black Friday will generate sales growth of 80-100% comparing to the last year’s sales of around £100 million. However, shopper engagement in this pre-Christmas season in the UK will remain relatively low as it was lat year. Just 15% of the surveyed consumers said they made major pre-holiday purchases during Black Friday in 2013.

Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research have released a study that shows that natural colors are overtaking artificial/synthetic colors in food on the internatioanl scale. According to the research, the global sales of natural colors exceeded those of artificial ones, meaning that food and drink products all around the world now feature more organic components than before.