Marketing on social platforms has one big disadvantage that we call ‘Like-pressure’: ‘likes’ are an unclear indicator: some users press it mechanically, many smart people don’t see the point to do it. People become numbers – this is the main digital marketing tragedy for both sides.

We always wonder is there a smarter and more realistic way to communicate with a mass audience (not an intellectual minority) on social media or in frames of global marketing it inevitably contracts to a word-free system?

Today Popsop Research is about Tumblr in terms of global branding. Let’s see.

While Starbucks is helping create more jobs across the USA, M&M’S is set to provide more rehabilitate houses to people across the country. The brand has launched a new campaign entitled “America Better With M,” which includes a partnership with Habitat for Humanity International and a series of efforts to encourage the nation to volunteer for the initiative in 2013. In addition the brand will launch a new product to support the project.

Brands are gearing up for Super Bowl XLVI, which is slated for February 5 this year, with new hilarious viral commercials. Since the event attracts millions of viewers, brands do their best to amaze and the public with their ads and pay a lot for that (this year, all TVCs for the game sold out at an average price of $3.5 million per thirty-second ad, and this is the highest price in the game’s history) . Usually, the Super Bowl adverts are standalone commercials and do not start new campaigns, but Mars Chocolate’s brand M&M’s wants to use this event to introduce its new candy spokesperson, Ms. Brown, which will certainly appear in upcoming promotions by the brand. This sport event is “the perfect opportunity to launch the biggest news for M&M’s in years,” says Debra A. Sandler, Chief Consumer Officer of Mars Chocolate North America, and adds that the new advert will “kick off a year of activity” featuring the new character.

M&M’s will open its first shop outside the States in London’s Leicester Square tomorrow. The US chocolate brand that is worth around £1.7 billion and belongs to Mars, Inc follows the trend of so called ‘retailtainment’ where global brands use their flagship stores as tourist attractions as well as shops. For instance, Disney recently re-designed its Oxford Street store to include famous Disney characters, a cinema and its own ‘closing ceremony’ at the end of each day.

Virtually everything in the world can be rated, being that success of leading global companies, creativity, Facebook popularity or support for LGBT community. YouGov BrandIndex has conducted a survey, asking U.S. citizens, who identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, to say which brands are best perceived by them. Google’s YouTube tops the list of twenty companies, which also includes Google, Disney, Ford, Apple and M&M’s. Surprisingly enough, the ranking doesn’t feature ABSOLUT, known for its long-standing commitment to help LGBT representatives feel better by launching a range of initiatives (Gay Theatre Festival is just one of them) as well as other vodka or beer drinks.

Any big idea, which helps a company flourish and establish intimate ties with consumers and pushes it forward in the industry, has a team of professionals behind. In this review based on the Fast Company’s diverse list of The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2011, we at Popsop celebrate creative geniuses in top international businesses including Apple, Google, Levi’s, Nike, PepsiCo and more who reinvent strategies of their companies and introduce new groundbreaking solutions that change the world in a certain way.

Repeated conflicts and misunderstanding induced by extreme individualism of all team members, have caused M&M’s spokescandies to split and pursue their solo careers. Red has quickly discovered a new opportunity and is said to become a spokesman for the Oregon Cherry Company. Blue has joined Blue Man’s Group, while Ms. Green is about to publish her own book entitled ‘Our bodies, Our Shells ‘. Orange has escaped the world and is hiding somewhere in the forest in fear of being eaten.

It’s not every day that five icons from the candy world decide to drop everything and venture to the Great White North, but their bags are packed, and they’re ready to go. Over the next ten months, Canadians are invited to join M&M’S® Spokescandies Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Miss Green as they criss-cross the nation and follow them on their new Twitter account, @mmscanada. The Spokescandies will tweet their travels, post photos and postcards, and ask Canadians to tell them where they should head to next.

A city as a source of the ‘creative spark’. Urban streets as basis for bold and massive campaigns. For many decades, smaller towns and megalopolises have been inspiring advertising agencies behind multiple marketing projects, which on the one hand are targeted at promoting brands and, on the other hand, encourage consumers to compare different cities, unveil creativity and strong dedication to sport, cinema and quests, or even bring rural accents to urban settings. We at Popsop have reviewed global brands’ ad activity during 2010 and first two months of 2011 to see how they’ve been embedding city into their promotions. Now, we are presenting our 3-part study dedicated to the subject. The first section of this review will highlight competitions, cross-city studies, urban sport-related promotions, which have been taking place within big cities around the globe and in a way were dedicated to them.