New Balance is rolling out a new international brand campaign, “Runnovation,” to celebrate innovation and muscles, excellence and effort, pain and self-control, tears, sweat and smiles behind the sports achievements, personal or official. The marketing initiative by Arnold Worldwide continues the narration started by NB’s previous campaign, “Let’s Make Excellent Happen” in 2011—now, the focus is on fresh interpretations within running and on a person, an amateur or a pro.

Probably, the one of the best ways to immortalize a brand is to release a book dedicated to it. This approach has been used by a range of brands including IKEA, Nivea and Coca-Cola to name but a few, and New Balance decided to join these ranks. The sportswear brand has released a book titled Let’s Make Excellent Happen, in which it explores its most successful collections of the past and highlights the upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

New Balance and Dasani have teamed up to produce a shoe with a brand new sustainability concept. To unveil the shoe called newSKY, the brands rolled out a national program, which encourages increased recycling and features Dasani PlantBottle packaging and New Balance footwear with the headlines ‘Step Up and Recycle’ and ‘A bottle today.  A shoe tomorrow.  Recycle.’ 

Global leader in sports footwear manufacturing, New Balance launches a new campaign aimed at motivating and inspiring active consumers to excel and reach a new level of ‘Excellent’.  The campaign features a new tagline, ‘Let’s Make Excellent Happen’, which clearly expresses the brand’s commitment to bringing only the best quality products to the customer and inspires customers to achieve excellent results with help of New Balance sport shoes.

The footwear company New Balance launched another project which encapsulates the theme of youth’s creativity, showcasing life of five young artists from Australia through the world of photography and video. The project, called (in honour of one model in the brand’s range), will be disclosing details of the guys’ everyday creative experience of bringing new and fresh things in various fields (visual art, fashion and music) to the world.